Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How To Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently

I have been thinking if there is a way to delete facebook permanently, and I have recently found a way, it is in this video

 Hope this help

How to close you Advert account and remove your payment method on facebook!

I have been trying to remove my credit card details on my account for 20 minutes and it is a complete mess,

I get

It seems facebook tries to make it unbelievably hard for you to remove your payment details, (it is hard to remove anything from facebook, they want to keep any details they get from you forever)

It is also so hard to reach anyone to help, just a mess called help centre, with no real one to reply to your questions or help you

Here is how to remove your credit card details from facebook

First delete your Ad account,


 choose Manage Adverts

Then settings

Scroll down, in a very tiny font you will find it hidden carefully, thanks facabook for giving us options

This is not finished,  You will find this message for some time

When you get a confirmation, that it is deleted, go to


 Then choose payments
Here you have it, remove your payment method, if your AD account is deleted, it should be deleted without any problem

Hope this helps

Good luck

Friday, August 2, 2013